Vera Lapitskaya is a dance artist. Natalia Koshelenko is a musician. They started to collaborate in the year 2014. In the year 2015 they established an art group which aims to create performances of different forms and genres accessible to versatile target groups: from children to elderly. NotaBene also invites other artists for collaborative projects. In the past years the group worked together with dance artists Paolo Cingolani (IT) and Nadja Pärssinen (FI), actress Alisa Salonen (FI), writer Marjatta Hinkkala (FI), paintor Hiroko Imada (JP) – to name the few.



Vera Lapitskaya studied dance in North-Karelian college Outokumpu, Finland; University of Music and Performing arts Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Kannon Dance school St.Petersburg, Russia. Since 2009, Vera has been working as an independent solo performer and in collaborations with other artists. In her artistic work she is looking for a multidisciplinary approach which gives space for dance to meet music, paintings, poetry and other art forms.

Natalia Koshelenko studied music in the college of Murmansk, Russia. At the beginning of her career she had been working as a violist in the Severomorsk city orchestra performing a classical repertoire. However, later Natalia’s professional interests went far beyond classical music. In the past few years she’s been experimenting with electronic music, making sound design for number of theater and dance production. Besides that Natalia also works as a cultural manager and producer of different cultural events.

Listen Natalia’s music at soundcloud.com