Natalia Kochelenko

Natalia Kochelenko studied music in Art College of Murmansk, Russia. At the beginning of her career she had been playing violin in the Orchestra of Northern Navy,  Severomorsk, performing mostly classical repertoire. After mooving to Finland in 1997 her professional interests went beyond classical music.

photo: Vera Lapitskaya

She got interested in interdisciplinary art as well as in electronic music. In 2010 Natalia has graduated from HUMAK, University of Applied Science in Helsinki from the program of cultural management and producing. She has a large working experience in different cultural organizations in Finland as coordinator and producer. Since 2018 she has been involved into The Art Testers Campaign (Taidetestaajat-hanke) as one of the regional coordinators. As musician she has been making sound design and composing music for number of theater and dance production.

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