Dance theater performance which reflects upon themes of identity, communication and belonging to a place. The performance is a metaphorical representation of the modern world, where young people want to be heard and accepted as they are. The piece was created in collaboration between professional artists and youngsters of different cultural backgrounds. During the working process artists and young people worked together in an equal environment. Through the workshops and by using different methods the group members explored topics of personal relevance such as: identity, understanding, relationships with each other and future.

Interview with Vera Lapitskaya and working group

1 (29)
photo: Svetlana Mikhailova

concept, direction: Vera Lapitskaya
sound design: Natalia Kochelenko
dance, text: Aida Tervo, Arina Laubert, Charalambos Gardias,
Isabella Mansnérus, Marija Ribakova, Melanie Rose, Penelope Gardias, Veronika Yakushevich
photo: Svetlana Mikhailova
support: Cultura-foundation
duration: 50 min