The instant as the only option. The poetry of movement, sound and voice arranged in the time of NOW. Survive the irreversibility of time. Don’t miss the moment. Stay and listen. Once you dare to do it, it’s no longer in your imagination – it is in your reality. How do you handle it?

While creating this picece the atrists explored movement, sound and text as equal units of a creative material. They researched how these elements can coexist with each other and equally contribute to the dramaturgy of the piece…

Slammed Stone_VeraLapitskaya_by PatrickBeelaert
photo: Patrick Beelaert

choreography, dance, text: Vera Lapitskaya
music, sound design: Natalia Kochelenko
production: NotaBene duet in co-production with Fundación Entredós
premiere: 9.11.2016 at Fundación Entredós, Madrid
duration: 45 min